Hi! =) My name is Anastasia and I'm a natural curly hair specialist in Moscow.
My work and my goal is to embrace your natural waves and curls to give you an opportunity to love your hair and to be unique.
I have studied special techniques and products for curly hair in New York at Devacurl academy and now I use this knowledge in my work. 
You can see the price list below:
Dry cut of curly hair (The Devacut)
Deep Moisture Treatment
Curly hair styling
Pintura Highlighting
See results of my work and other information in the Instagram
For appointment use Online Booking System 
For questions call: +7 (916) 262-36-52
First apointment         Revisit
5000 rub                   4000 rub                  
3000 rub                   2000 rub                   
2000 rub                   1500 rub                    
                 6000 rub   

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